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boundinpublic November 30, 2013

Greedy whore gang banged by horny dudes at a local balloon shop

Jace Chambers,Presley Wright,Rich Kelly

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Horny on lookers wait around with their cocks out at a local balloon shop as Presley Wright crawls on his hands and knees ready to service any meaty member in sight. Everyone takes turns with the boy’s mouth, fucking his throat before taking him to the front window for more cock. Presley’s bent over taking cock after cock rammed up his ass while pedestrians stroll by on the sidewalk. Bent over the counter, the guys humiliate Presley with a clown wig on his head as he takes more cock up his ass. The horny crowd shoves dildos in the whore’s mouth as he’s fucked from behind before begging for everyone’s cum. After taking loads of cum all over his face, the guys edge Presley’s cock before letting him finally blow his load all over the floor. They finish Presley off by holding him down and spraying his body with silly string before tossing his naked ass out onto the street.


Anal, Athletic, BDSM, big dick, black hair, Blowjob, Bondage, Boot Worship, brunet, Cock Worship, Domination, Facial, Gangbang, Gay, Hairy, Humiliation, Male Sub, master, muscular, Public, Rimming, Role Play, Rope Bondage, Rough Sex, shaped, Submission, switch, Tattoo, top, unshaved, versatile, Voyeur, white


Van Darkholme




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