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takenrough June 2, 2023

Adventure Oasis: Roman Todd and Rodrigo Amore

Roman Todd,Rodrigo Amor

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Roman Todd takes a much needed vacation to a tropical resort that advertises that anyone can fulfil their fantasies there. Upon arrival, Roman checks in and meets the owner, Rodrigo Amore. Rodrigo welcomes Roman and assures him that all his stress will melt away. Rodrigo shows him around. They flirt and Rodrigo reveals that he’s into being roughed-up a little during sex. At the pool, Roman slips on leather gloves, creeps up from behind Rodrigo, and takes him down. Rodrigo gets blindfolded and tied to pool-side lounge-chair. Roman zaps Rodrigo’s body with electricity and it gets Rodrigo’s big dick rock-hard. Roman gets naked and sits on Rodrigo’s fat cock and fucks himself with it. He hits Rodrigo with a leather paddle and makes him get on all fours to get fucked. Roman whips his body with a flogger while he fucks Rodrigo’s ass raw. After that, Roman beats his ass with a wooden paddle and shoves his cock down Rodrigo’s throat. In the final scene, Roman ties up Rodrigo on his back with his legs spread. Roman pounds Rodrigo’s ass deep and hard while he hits him with a crop, and unleashes his load.


Anal, Bareback, BDSM, Beard, big dick, black hair, body builder, Bondage, Boot Worship, brunet, Brutal Punishment, Crop, Flogging, foreskin, Gay, gloves, Hairy, impact play, Latinx, Leather, Leather Gloves, muscular, Paddle, Rope Bondage, Rough Sex, Submission, switch, Tattoo, Uncircumcised, unshaved, versatile


Micah Martinez




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